Our Approach

The Garden Bowl is based on a “quick serve” foundation dedicated to serving the freshest of salads, soups, pastries, and beverages.

Our Story

With a background in working for some of the finest restaurants and catering operations in the Monterey California area, our designer, chef, and chief bottle washer, would often find herself dreaming of what it might be to have her own food service operation. After many years in the customer service world, she and her husband finally decided to bring those dreams to fruition. Finding the right idea, the right, place, and the right design theme, while simple in appearance, was far from it in reality. And today we proudly present you The Garden Bowl!

Meet the Team

Robin, Toni, Reggie and Rod; All here to serve you the freshest meal possible to your exact specifications. We are a Locally owned, Family owned, Minority owned, Woman owned, and Veteran owned, small business. We are members of the Stockton Chamber of Commerce and have lived in the community since 1959.

Our goal as a small family owned business is to offer the Stockton downtown business community and those looking to support local entrepreneurs’ with the finest in healthy fresh and quick lunch options.

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